European wholesale nfl jerseys Cup football feast businesses Fengeng economy

Recently, the European Cup sounded the drums of war in the Polish capital Warsaw, thousands of miles away Europa stadium the economic chain of continuous fermentation in the provincial capital businesses in many fields, the seller is more peripheral products soccer fans glued pockets, ready to take wholesale nfl jerseys from china this opportunity to big When fishing fans watching a carnival when their support is essential for the participating teams jersey. A big soccer tournament organized sales will bring football-related products rose about 10%., A sporting goods dealer told reporters. In sports brand counters Jiahua shopping plaza, the reporter saw jerseys sold divided into fans edition, player version two categories for sale, the price is generally around 400 yuan, and some discount jerseys have about 300 yuan. Adidas counters promoters said the mall into June since jersey sales volume increased slightly. Due to lower the price of electricity suppliers of similar products, until now, there has been no popular shopping malls wholesale nfl jerseys chinacounters snapped scenes reporter visited a number of shopping malls sports brand counters found in jersey sales did not expect a surge. So, during the European Cup soccer related merchandise sales growth in the end is what the business split out? Reporter with European Cup jersey as keyword landing Taobao to search, a total of 25,293 appeared related to baby, which is a sales champion sells for 65 yuan German team home games suits, turnover 2092 pen orders within 30 days, followed by Spain and the Netherlands team jerseys were sold in 1333 and 794 within 30 days. Reporters found that most Taobao seller's credit sales jersey is not high, but sales are very optimistic. One called fans boutique Taobao seller, told reporters during the European Cup, people wear clothes just for the football game, fashion on the jersey whether genuine requirement is not high. Therefore, low price

European Cup undertaken to make electricity supplier earned pours the same time, the provincial capital, night economy market is much worse as the people of Jinan nightlife bar sign, one of the major consumer sites fans. At 23:50 on June 11, from the European Cup group stage Group D opener Anglo-French wars will be staged there 10 minutes in the Baotu North Soho bar, fans or twos or sit in droves In this table embattled ups. In the bar watching, not only can feel a strong football atmosphere, but also the 'Club of Friends' happily drinking. Sentiment England fans Xiao Huang told reporters, hoping England football team can win this tough spent watching worthwhile spending a few hundred dollars. Reporters at the bar stop of 40 minutes to appreciate the fans watching very focused, as their team suffered a threat to be have been resolved, the fans also will be toasted to celebrate. The store attendant complained to reporters that since the start of the European Cup, there would be no sleep until 2:00 o'clock when. He also told reporters, here consumer groups, mostly white-collar fans, about 150 yuan per capita consumption of benefit not only bar in this tournament, the stalls in order to attract customers, most of the stalls are put on the big-screen flat-panel TVs, have played Football card reporter visited several stalls Weijiu Lu learned the name of the majority of consumers are watching to come to dinner. Speaking of watching, and ultimately, to help out the beer, the reporter saw a bottle of wine per table are stocked with bottles, beer bottles and even a small number of table occupied half. At this point, the stalls boss for his business fiery crowed, These days, come to our shop to eat barbecue watching more and more customers. This does not, yesterday wholesale nfl jerseys paypal invited a few barbecue chef to come and help. The store owner surnamed Li, said during the European Cup beer sales increase compared to about 30 percent over last year, I wish the organization once a year, give yourself a lot of revenue.

Although the European Cup group stage has ended, the football off-site consumption boom continues unabated. Currently, the market in the sale of all products with the football detached varied, including some innovative products, not only filled with businesses wallet, and bring wholesale nfl jerseys cheapa lot of joy to a lot of fans present, online selling peripheral products in addition to the European Cup jerseys, Phoenix claws, outside beer, wireless headphones, alarm clock and printed with the European Cup participating countries expired logo cups, key chains and other daily necessities, but also won the net purchase up to favorite, most of these more traditional soccer peripheral products, and its products lack of innovation in the design of this phenomenon, Taobao shopkeeper, Tsui, said the development of innovative products there are certain risks, the traditional football peripheral products have been able to meet the required wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping consumer businesses, larger domestic fan base that can support multiple areas of business spending force.

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